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inspired by now from dreaming wide awake.  contains speculation for season six based on the little we know from interviews, mentions of kurt/others, angst, and hope.  thank you, as always, to the lovely axe.

Los Angeles is harsher and more unforgiving than New York ever was.  At least, it feels that way to Kurt.  It’s been two years, and though he’s found his ‘places’ in and around the city, he still hasn’t found his footing.  It’s kind of difficult to do that when his whole world was tilted so far off its axis that it crumbled, and he hasn’t quite had the time nor the will to do much to right it.

"Hey, it’s—it’s me.  Um…  I got your message that you came by, and that’s fine, I know you’re busy right now, what with…  Everything.  I didn’t even realize how much stuff you still have here.  But yeah, it’s fine to leave it all here ‘til you can come get it."

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New gorgeousness from Mimsy.

Why does she do this to me? (Yes, I know she did not write this heartache of a piece just to get to me, but man, this one hurts.)

My mom once threw her hands up in frustration and said to me, “One day you’re going to figure out how to be zen.” It was kind of an ironic statement, thinking back.

That reminds me of the signs in capital letters that say: “RELAX! NOW!”

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Just when you learn the key to happiness is low expectations, things seem to work out beyond your wildest dreams.

Then one day you’re gonna wake up and realize that ‘I don’t love him anymore.’


On Authors & Publishing


We would like to talk a little about authors and business plans. But first, we’d like to say thank you. We’ve received your notes, noticed your reblogs and seen your responses, and we are deeply grateful.

Anyone starting up a business knows to track their results, and we know ours. The response has been more than we wished for—and we thank you for that. We have also listened to and spoken with some of you who may have concerns. So we thank you, too, for sharing your thoughts in a constructive, professional way. We respect the hell out of that.

We said last week that we would be revealing the authors currently on contract to publish books with IP, and we’ll be getting to that shortly. But this is also a good opportunity to share some facts about how Interlude came to be working with this first group of authors and what’s in store beyond these initial titles.

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anonymous prompted: [gets down on my knees and begs] i need a 5.16 reaction fic where kurt and blaine watch porn and jerk off together and blaine comes on his stomach and kurt licks it off please oh please

Kurt can’t believe that they’re going to be doing this. He has no problem with watching porn, per se—thanks to his move to New York and then his and Blaine’s momentary separation he’s guilty of it, has watched enough to know his own likes and dislikes. And porn isn’t as bad as Kurt’s first few hesitant (and scarring) forays into it now that he knows where to look and what to avoid.

He shifts on Blaine’s bed, looks towards the door. They’d decided on Blaine’s place, because Sam and Mercedes are going to be gone all evening, and having an actual bedroom with an actual locking door seems prudent for their first time—god, watching porn together.

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Fic: Boys that grew up better men than me and you


Post-ep for Glee 5.15, approx 2100 words, R for sex, no warnings save that the episode included violence

Kurt/Blaine, mention of Finn

chiasmuslovesme was right when she said the story wasn’t finished. xx


Everyone’s watching Kurt. All the time. On the street, on the subway, in the NYADA halls. Blaine sees them look, eyes flicking from the cut on Kurt’s lip to the bruise on his cheek to the gash at his hairline. Some are suspicious, some sympathetic, some impersonally curious. Blaine longs to whisk Kurt away from every single one of them. He could take him to Connecticut or California or some snowbound Alaskan cabin with a big warm bed and a fireplace and no one but them for miles around.

But then this is Kurt and of all things, Kurt is accustomed to being noticed. Blaine has watched a hundred times as Kurt faces the world, lets it look, lifts his chin. Every part of Blaine is enormously grateful that he gets to see all of that again.  

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This aches in the most beautiful way; it fills in the spaces for me, makes sense of the in-between for me. This brilliant ficlet helps me connect the dots, as only fan fiction can do. 

I love this author’s voice. Have you read Every Word? I read it a few months ago in fits and starts, and then neglected to write a raving review. (My level of busy the last few months has been ridiculous, but that’s no excuse.) I’ll fix that this week, but I hope you’ll check it out, if you haven’t. There’s also a sequel, Every Road, which I haven’t had a chance to read yet. 

In last night’s episode, I saw Pene’s Kurt from Every Word, and it made me want to read it again. A truly unique voice in our fandom, and one I hope to get to know better.